Actualización Bluecoat, a

La última que teníamos pendiente, de la versión a la

Y con esta… terminamos de actualizar los cacharros (al menos de momento).

Esta versión corrige un montón de fallos … incluido el del OpenSSL heartbeat information disclosure (CVE-2014-0160)

Y ademas todos estos.

209732 Access Logging Users can not create more than 31 access log facilities.

206149 Authentication Remote users get an “Account is locked out” exception with IWA-Direct, but not with IWA-BCAAA, when the browser sends the workstation name rather than the domain name in a GET request.
208335 Authentication The ProxySG is not able to join to a domain using a user account that does not have administrative permissions in Active Directory (AD).

208885 Authentication The ProxySG has high CPU utilization and slow internet access when connection attempts to the DC (domain controller) failed.

210458 Authentication IWA Direct Authentications could be blocked for 2-3 minutes during a policy push or BCWF update when SID’s were being cached for very large Active Directory (AD) forests with many groups-of-interest.

210373 Flash Proxy Flash video streams on certain websites fail to play audio and video when the flash clients used AMF3 commands to send “connect”, “play” or “play2” messages where the message body length was greater than 128 bytes.

210386 Health Monitoring The Management Console interface for health monitoring shows subscription components for all platforms that are only available in a virtual machine running SGOS.

203264 HTTP Proxy The ProxySG was unable to cache Youtube video when CachePulse was enabled. To benefit from this fix, users must upgrade to CachePulse version 8214 or higher.

209152 HTTP Proxy This release has some performance improvements to HTTP statistics collection.

210342 HTTP Proxy The ProxySG experienced a hardware restart at 0xE in process group “PG_HTTP” in process: “HTTP CW 6253CFBB90” when running ICAP traffic.

209194 ICAP The ProxySG server has a high server error count in ICAP statistics when early response is being used and the Content Analysis Appliance (CAS) or ProxyAV are configured to ignore certain file types and return file_type_served in the X-error-code ICAP header.

209135 Network Drivers Enabling Link Failure Propagation on a 10GB interface on the S500 caused traffic to be blocked.

208910 Policy The ProxySG experiences memory pressure when using an exceptionally large policy and an ICAP scan is in progress for a very long time (several days).
209719 Policy This release has a performance improvement in Policy to avoid application classification when it is not required.
210191 Policy ProxySG experienced high CPU in when the policy contained a large number of “group=” conditions where the groups have similar names.

209865 SNMP The ProxySG experienced a software restart at 0x3A0004 in process group “PG_HEALTH_CHECKS” in process “HC Watchdog.”

209708 SSL/TLS and PKI The ProxySG will intermittently throw back a SSL Certificate Hostname Mismatch (ssl_domain_invalid) error when the user refreshes a web page by re-entering the URL, in the URL bar, continuously.

209689 SSL Proxy The ProxySG experienced a software restart at 0x810001 in process group “PG_HTTP” in process “HTTP SW AF8B8EB90 for 2703A5B90” when using Encrypted TAP and the GET requests from the client were very large.

210479 SSL Proxy If a server/OCS responds with non-empty but zeroed (non-standard) server name extension in server hello, the ProxySG terminates the connection.

208431 TCP/IP and General Networking The ProxySG sends keep alive packets for a connection that no longer exists.

210202 TCP/IP and General Networking The ProxySG is sending VLAN interface information, for VLAN’s not configured by the user, through Netflow to the Netflow collector which results in messages about unmanaged interfaces in the log file.

210580 TCP/IP and General Networking The ProxySG experienced a hardware restart at 0xe in process “ADP_Admin” in “” when the traffic flow is more than 1024 clients.

211329 TCP/IP and General Networking The ProxySG experienced a software restart at 0x810002 in process group “PG_TCPIP” in process “tcpip_admin.”

210003 Timezones and NTP The timezones.tar database was updated to accommodate the change in Russian time zones which occurred on Oct. 26 2014 (now UTC+3). The updated database is available for download from CLI or Management Console.

La actualización es rápida … aunque tuve que reiniciarlo a lo bestia … de las formas normales no había manera, tuve que hacer un restart abrupt.