Actualizacion Ironport 7.6.1-022 a 7.6.2-014

Hacia bastante que no actualizaba un cacharro de estos…Esta vez ha tocado subirlo de la versión 7.6.1-022 a la 7.6.2-014. Limpio y sin problemas.

La lista de los bugs corregidos se puede descargar desde aqui.

La lista de esta en concreto es:

84208 Fixed: Log Injection Vulnerability:This version of AsyncOS fixes a log injection vulnerability, where invalid entries could be added to the appliance’s logs.
73467 Fixed: Damage Caused by Reboot Without Proper Shutdown:Previously, rebooting the appliance without proper shutdown sometimes caused irreparable damage to the appliance. This issue has been resolved.
80466 Fixed: Delivery Status Details Report Shows Error Message:Fixed an issue where the Delivery Status Details report page for an IPv4 or IPv6 destination would show a “cannot concatenate ‘str’ and ‘IPv6’ (or IPv4)
objects” error message.
86530 Fixed: Appliance Does Not Retry DNS Query:Fixed an issue where the appliance would not retry a DNS query when it doesn’t get a response when the appliance is configured to use root DNS or only multiple local
DNS servers with the same priority level. A timeout has been added to allow the appliance to retry a DNS query if it does not receive a response.
86949 Fixed: Packet Capture Doesn’t Capture Traffic On VLAN Interface When Filter
is Used:Fixed an issue where Packet Capture didn’t capture traffic on a VLAN interface when
a custom filter was used.
86886 Fixed: User Connects to Wrong Interface When Using telnet and the hostname:Previously, if the user did not specify a network interface for telnet connections, attempting to telnet into the appliance using the hostname would result in the user connecting to the wrong network interface. This issue has been resolved. Now, using telnet and the appliance’s hostname results in connecting to the appliance’s default
network interface.
86110 Fixed: DNS Queries Fail Because of AAAA Record Request:Previously, the Email Security appliance would request AAAA records from an MX even if the dnshostpref and destconfig DNS preference require only IPv4 connections. If the MX returns a valid A record, but not an AAAA record, the mail
delivery would fail. This issue has been resolved. Now, appliance only requests A records for IPv4
82692 Fixed: CPU Usage May Unexpectedly Run at Maximum Capacity:Previously, in rare circumstances, SNMP could drive CPU usage to %100. This problem no longer occurs.
76210 Fixed: Traceback Generated After Technical Support Tunnel Tails for
DNS-related Reasons:Previously, when attempting to establish a secure tunnel through which Cisco
IronPort technical support can connect to the appliance, if the tunnel attempt fails for reasons related to DNS, AsyncOS generates a traceback. This issue has been resolved.

84281 Fixed: Large Number of Content Filter Matches May Result in PDF Report
Error:Fixed an issue a printable PDF report for content filters may contain the error message “one of tables has too many columns” due to a large number of incoming or outgoing content filter matches. Now, the PDF report prints out correctly.
78760 Fixed: Spam Digest Notification Email Does Not Display Correctly in Japanese:Fixed an issue where the spam digest notification email did not display its information in Japanese correctly when localized.
86608 Fixed: telnet to Appliance that Does Not Have an A or AAAA Record Results in
Traceback:Fixed an issue where a traceback occurred when you attempt to telnet into an
appliance that does not have an A or AAAA DNS record.
84158 Fixed: Outlook Improperly Displays Messages with Body and Footer Encoded
Differently:Footers added to messages by the appliance can be encoded as text/plain or text/html.
Previously, if the message body and footer are not encoded the same way, Microsoft
Outlook will only display the footer:This issue has been resolved. Now the message body and footer are properly displayed in Outlook.
69125 Fixed: resourceConservationMode SNMP Trap Missing:Fixed an issue where the resourceConservationMode SNMP trap was not available on the appliance.

Hay unas cuantas… lo que cuenta es que se actualiza en un momento y que ese parche había que haberlo puesto a finales del año pasado …