Actualización Ironport 8.0.1-023 a 8.5.0-473

Otra mas para el bote, esto es un no parar … de la versión 8.0.1-023 a la 8.5.0-473.

Resuelve unas cuantas cosas, no muchas esta vez…

CSCui89551 When clicking on links rewritten by non-viral threat Outbreak Filters, returns a 403 Forbidden response intermittently.

CSCul44164 When non-viral threat Outbreak Filters rewrites a URL, the special
character – ampersand is not translated correctly. As a result, the rewritten URL will not work as expected.
CSCzv06682 SNMP traps are not sent out for RAID status changes.
CSCzv12021 Using a single backslash in LDAP filter causes an application fault.
CSCzv38250 IP addresses are lost when reconfiguring network settings.
CSCzv57037 Some emails sent from Email Security appliance have empty headers.
CSCzv63347 Firewall rule for numerically lowest IP address of Email Security
appliance fails.
CSCzv91451 Unable to establish a secure support tunnel if the host is not DNS
CSCzv97281 AsyncOS creates an unwanted process after every SenderBase upload

Se actualiza bien, pero cada día tardan mas en reiniciar … esta vez como 5 minutos de suspense (es un C370).

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