Actualizar Pligg 1.2.0 a 1.2.1

Ayer liberaron una nueva versión de Pligg. Corrige algunos bugs (no de seguridad). Aprovechando que el dia esta “tranquilo” … vamos a probarla.

Esta es la lista de bugs que corrige:

Users can now select multiple categories during story submission. This feature can be turned on or off from the admin panel configuration area.
Fix for password reset email being blank.
Pligg now stores old URLs in database to allow for URL forwarding when a story title changes.
Fix for related stories. Now returns only upcoming or published stories.
Fix for story URLs having a -1 at the end when they use original titles. Duplicate article title URLs should now start appending at -2 rather than -1.
Moved CAPTCHA check position to allow the submission process to save form progress in case of wrong CAPTCHA.
Changed character encoding used in emails to UTF-8 to allow for a greater variety of languages.
Fix for when adding a comment to a story causes a blank page
Live pages pagination fix for friendly URLs
If someone tries putting in a url into the story url field that doesn’t include http:// at the start we now automatically add that for them.
Fixed a bug related to category management messing up subcategories when adding a new subcategory.
Changed how we handle deletion of categories with subcategories. Subcategories can now be moved up a level.
Fix for group pagination.
Tags are now included in admin story management search.
Added select all option for users in admin panel.
Added option to turn parent category visibility off when viewing a subcategory.

Unas cuantas cosas … ultimamente van muy despacio con las actualizaciones.

Para hacerla, como siempre … sobreescribimos nuestra instalacion con los ficheros nuevos y ejecutamos el script de update install/upgrade.php.

En mi instalación fue todo bien …