Vulnerabilidad en Western Digital TV Media Player

Se ha descubierto una vulnerabilidad en Western Digital TV Media Player. Y el problema no es ese … porque vulnerabilidades se descubren todos los días. El problema es que este fallo se descubrió hace 4 meses y el fabricante pasa de arreglarlo.

Eso es lo malo … la irresponsabilidad de los fabricantes …

Así que … habrá que hacer caso al advisory.

“By combining the vulnerabilities documented in this advisory an attacker
can fully compromise a network which has the WDTV Media Player appliance
installed by using it as a jump-host to aid in further attacks.

SEC Consult recommends not to attach WDTV Media Player to the network until
a thorough security review has been performed by security professionals and
all identified issues have been resolved. The vendor was unresponsive and
did not provide a fix since January 2017!”

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