Actualización Ironport 8.5.6-106 a 9.1.0-032

Otra actualización mas para los Ironports. De la versión 8.5.6-106 a la 9.1.0-032 … y esta vez hay novedades.

La primera … ya no tendrás que buscar la lista de novedades … en cuanto actualices el cacharro te las va a mandar por correo.

y la lista es:

1)New Feature: S/MIME encryption gateway to gateway ( Securely communicate using S/MIME without requiring that all end-users possess their own certificates. Organizations can handle message signing, encryption, verification, and decryption at the gateway level)

2)New Feature: Release and Support Notifications . You can now receive software release and critical support notifications from Cisco Support in the form of alerts directly from the appliance.

3)New Feature: Cisco AsyncOS API for Email (The Cisco AsyncOS API for Email (or AsyncOS API) is a Representational StateTransfer (REST)-based set of operations that provide secure and authenticated access to the Email Security Appliance reports and report counters. You can retrieve the Email Security appliance reporting data using this API.)

Ademas de:

1)Enhancement: Advanced Malware Protection Improvements (The Advanced Malware Protection feature now detects malware in archived or compressed email attachments) -> De Pago

2)Enhancement: Enhanced spam protection capabilities (Enhanced capabilities to detect and protect against new spam campaigns, for example, snowshoe spam)

3)Enhancement: Flexible Mail Policies (More flexibility for choosing users for an incoming or outgoing policy)

4)Enhancement: Virtual Gateway Improvement (The number of Virtual Gateway addresses available on all Email Security appliance models is now 255)

5)Enhancement: Enhanced logging of URL filtering (a new log subscription for Web URL filtering)

6)Enhancement: Per-user spam notifications (You can specify which users receive spam notifications, based on LDAP groups.)

7)Enhancement: Welcome Banner (Display a welcome banner after a user successfully logs into the appliance through SSH, Telnet, FTP, or web interface.)

8)Enhancement: Customizable end user notification page for URL filtering (Customizeble appearance of the end user notification page used for URL filtering and display your organization’s branding such as logo, name, etc)

9)Enhancement: Enhanced Password Options (There is now an option to auto-generate a password that meets the configured requirements.)

10)Enhancement: Opening a Support Case from the appliance stores your CCOID and contract number

Otra cosa que ha empezado a aparecer es : “Messages with Malicious URLs” que al menos nosotros lo tenemos a 0. Supongo que parara bitlockers y similares.

Una putada que la licencia del Antimalware cueste un pastizal … no creo que no lo aprueben (la licencia del cacharro ya cuesta un pastizal).

Por lo demas, la actualización se pone sin problemas y esta vez tarda algo menos en reiniciarse.

Se me olvidaba, otra cosa mas que ha empezado a aparecer son notificaciones en el uso del espacio en disco. Ademas si las cambias hay limites que están por debajo de lo permitido.

Los mensajes son de este tipo …

75% of the disk quota for Miscellaneous services(logs, configuration file, and so on) is used. You can either increase the disk quota for Miscellaneous services or manually free up space used by Miscellaneous services.

Y se cambian desde System administration -> Disk management