WTI update de 7.02 a 8.03

Otra vez toca … y no es porque me apetezca a mi, es porque si no lo hago yo, no lo hace nadie. En fin. De la 7.02 (que tambien la actualice yo hace un par de años) a la 8.03.

Se tarda mucho, por la aplicación. Pero funciona bien … llevo unos cuantos ya y de momento todos sin problemas

RM Console V8.03 (Mon Nov 6 13:14:28 EST 2023)
1. OpenSSL: 3.0.8 7 Feb 2023
2. OpenSSH: 9.5p1
3. Apache: 2.4.57
4. IPSec: 5.9.8/K5.4.0
5. OpenVPN: 2.5.7
6. Bash: 5.0.0(1)-release
7. RESTful: v1.0, v2 (Aug23)
8. IPSec Version: 5.9.8/K5.4.0
9. NET-SNMP Version: 5.9.1
10. W.O.F Feature can now be used across all interfaces
11. W.O.F added “THEN” interface mode that will prioritize ethernet port.
12. WOF configuration and status added under eth0 and eth1 in the web interface
13. UseSTARTTLS/UseTLS option has been added in Use TLS in Email messaging.
14. New MIB file with W.O.F alarm on ethernet ports
15. Hostname field added under system parameters
16. User Defined Prompt added under Scripting options
17. Command prompt now supports «user defined prompt»
18. U-boot/default added for product under command prompt
19. Fixed issue where HTTPS issue where web is enabled but not able to launch web session
20. Fixed: Email messaging was not working if site-id was configured on the unit.
21. Fixed: LDAP was not working if site-id was configured on the unit.

Obtaining Firmware Updates:

The most recent updates for our Console Server, Switched PDU and Data Fallback products can be found by visiting https://www.wti.com/pages/software

For older firmware updates, please contact WTI Tech Support at [email protected], call our toll free service line at 1-888-280-7227, live chat or fill out a software request form at https://www.wti.com/pages/software

Customer Service Department hours are 8 AM through 5 PM, Pacific Daylight Time.


NetReach Centralized Management Software (NetReach), is the preferred method for installing firmware updates on WTI devices. The NetReach software allows you to manage firmware updates for multiple WTI units from a single interface.

For a description of the process for managing firmware updates via the NetReach, please refer to the NetReach user’s guide, which can be downloaded from the WTI User’s Guide Archive at:


Note that in order to use the NetReach software, the existing firmware version for the WTI Device(s) must conform to the following standards:

• Console Server Products (DSM, CPM, and REM Series): Firmware Version 7.04 or higher.
• Switched PDU Products (VMR, NBB, NPS and RPC): Firmware Version 3.03 or higher.

When upgrading older units that are running firmware versions that are earlier than the standards listed above, it is recommended to use the WTI Centralized Management Software (WMU). The WMU can be downloaded from WTI’s FTP server, located at:

WMU Centralized Management Software

Please refer to the WMU user’s guide for further instructions.

In addition to the NetReach and WMU, the /UF command can also be used to install firmware upgrades. For more information on the /UF command, please refer to the user’s guide for your WTI device.

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