Actualización ironport

Dos actualizaciones pendientes, una menor de la 7.0.1-010 a la 7.0.2-007 para luego subirlo a la nueva 7.1.1-012.

Estas son las novedades…
New Features and Enhancements in 7.1.1-012 for Email

Enhancement: DLP Assessment Wizard (Requires RSA DLP Feature Key)
Enhancement: New RSA Email DLP Policy templates support (Massachusetts CMR-201 and Corporate Financials)
Enhancement: TLS Administration Enhancements
Enhancement: No Authentication Encryption Envelope (Requires IronPort Email Encryption Feature Key)
New Feature: Administrative Access Control List
New Feature: Customized Login Banner <- XD Y estas las cosas que corrige... Fixed: A Malformed Viral Message can potentially cause a Mail Outage, when using McAfee as AV engine with non-default settings [Defect ID: 68615] Fixed: Some Viral messages can be reported unscannable and potentially delivered, when using Sophos as AV engine with non-default settings [Defect ID: 68896] Fixed: Extra Spaces in Footer When Forwarding via Outlook [Defect ID: 67312] <- Xd, esto nos estaba jodiendo a nosotros.. a ver si lo arregla de una vez. Fixed: Demo Certificate Becomes Default Certificate After Upgrade to AsyncOS 7.1 for Email [Defect ID: 69456] Fixed: Application Fault Occurs When Switching Cluster Levels in Encryption Profile [Defect ID: 55874] Fixed: Robustness Fixes for Lockups on C160 Appliances [Defect ID: 68955] Fixed: Invalid Regular Expressions Affects RSA Email DLP Scanning [Defect ID: 67002]