Drupal Critical Release – PSA-2019-02-19

Ojo que han soltado un fallo que califican como «extremadamente grave» … PSA-2019-02-19. El parche debe de estar al caer. Solo afecta a las versiones 8.5.x y 8.6.x.

¿Para cuándo las actualizaciones automáticas? … Esto no puede ser … señores de Drupal … Están perdiendo mucho mercado por cosas como esas.

Habrá que estar atentos a ver si hay algo mas …

Date: 2019-February-19
Security risk: *Highly critical* 20∕25
AC:None/A:None/CI:All/II:All/E:Theoretical/TD:Uncommon [1] Vulnerability: Critical Release

There will be a *security release of 8.5.x and 8.6.x on February 20th 2019
between 1PM to 5PM America/New York* (1800 to 2200 UTC). (To see this in your
local timezone, refer to the Drupal Core Calendar [2]) . The risk on this is
currently rated at 20/25 (Highly critical)

Not all configurations are affected. Reserve time on February 20 during the
release window to determine whether your sites are affected and in need of an
immediate update. Mitigation information will be included in the advisory.

Contributed module security updates may also be required.

*If you are running Drupal 7*, no core update is required, but you may need
to update contributed modules if you are using an affected module. We are
unable to provide the list of those modules at this time.

Neither the Security Team nor any other party is able to release any more
information about this vulnerability until the announcement is made. The
announcement will be made public at https://www.drupal.org/security, over
Twitter, and in email for those who have subscribed to our email list. To
subscribe to the email list: log in on Drupal.org, go to your user profile
page and subscribe to the security newsletter on the Edit » My newsletters

Security release announcements will appear on the Drupal.org security
advisory page.

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